Good Thoughts

यश मिळवण्यासाठी सगळ्यात मोठी शक्ती-आत्मविश्वास.

गुरुवार, १० मे, २०१२

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)

Synonyms (समानार्थी शब्द)


abode home, house, a dwelling place

absence lack, being away

accident a mishap, an unexpected event

acknowledgement admission, receipt

action act, deed, battle, movement, activity

adoration worship

add (v) join

adulation praise, admiration

adult grown up, an old man

advantage profit, gain, benefit

adversity difficulty, misfortune

affair work, job, business, profession

affection love, fondness

ail (v) to be ill

answer (v) reply

argue (v) discuss

arrangement plan, preparation

arrive come

article thing, stipulation

bag small sack

bard poet, singer

beacon signal of danger, lighthouse

bear (v) carry, suffer

beat (v) strike

beck sign, nod, brook, mark

begin (v) start

belly stomach, abdomen

bring (v) lead

burden load, chorus

care worry, attention

category class, type

cave hollow, den, underground

cavern large cave

celebration ceremony

century hundred

cheer shout of joy, good food, gladness

change (v) alter

chief leader, ruler

choose (v) select

choice selection

clan camily

close (v) shut

clout influence

conduct (v) guide

control check, power, and authority

corrode (v) to eat away gradually

dart (v) throw

date time, day of action, sweet stone fruit.

decision judgement, firmness

declare (v) say

deed act, agreement

definite correct

delivery freedom, distribution

demolish (v) destroy

design (v) plan

desire earnest will

destiny fate, luck, dooms

destruction ruin

distraught anxious, nervous

door entrance

dosage amount of medicine

earnings wages, profit

earth soil, land, the world

effect result, impression

effort achievement

ego i one’s self

emotion strong feelings

end limit, conclusion

example model, sample, problem in arithmatic

faith trust, religion

façade apperance

famine starvation, great want of food

fear alarm, dread

fellow comanion

find (v) obtaion, get

foe enemy

folk people

fool silly

freedom liberty, privilage

furtively secretly

game sport

gang band of people

grabled confusing, distorted

get (v) obtain

gift present

give (v) bestow

go (v) move

growl (v) grumble

habit custom, practice

happiness pleasure, joy

harm (v) hurt, injure

haste (v) hurry

hear listen

heat fire, wormth, anger, rage

help (v) aid

hit (v) strike

idea plan thought, notion, intention

ignorance lack of knowledge

imagine (v) think

immediately soon, at once

importance value, weight, significance

indicate (v) suggests

infancy early childhood

insulate (v) protect

job piece of work

journey travel, trip

joy pleasure, gladness

jungle forest, wood

know (v) understand

knowledge learning, understand, information

labour work, toil, pains of childbirth

lack want, need

laconic brief

land (v) arrive

lawn smooth piece grass, thin linen cloth

leap (v) jump

let (v) allow

live (v) exist

load burden, cargo

locality place

lord master, ruler

maid young girl, female servant

maiden unmarried girl

mail post, armour

make (v) form, prepare

manage (v) handle

manner method, way, style, fashion

mansion large house, stately residence

meandering wandering

measure standard, course of action

miner a person works in a mine

misery great unhappiness

mob mass of people

mustser (v) collect

mystry secret

nap hort sleep

nation country

nature disposition of mind, kind, sort, class, the world

necessity need, poverty

noise din, clamour

obligation duty

offence sin

offer (v) propose

original native

paradise heaven

parcel package

pardon forgiveness

pause (v) wait

penalty punishment, fine

play (v) sport

population total number of people

presumably probably

prey victim

price cost, value

proclamation declaration

produce (v) show

protection defence, shield

quality degree, kind, merit

quantity amount, large number

quarrel (v) dispute

queer strange

question interrogation, doubt

quite silence.

race run, mankind, course of life

read (v) study

rebel (v) revolt

reckon (v) count

refreshment food

respon (v) do something as reaction

roam (v) wander

scarce rare, hard to get

scheme plan

shadow shade, darkness, little bit

share part, portion

sign symbol

shut (v) close

sneakily secretly

survive live longer than other

stalk (v) hunt

tale story, full number

taste sense of flavor, discernment

thirst desire of drink, strong desire

tickle (v) amuse

tittle name, heading, legal right, claim

tranquility silence

tuck (v) fold

understand (v) learn

useless fruitless

utter (v) speak

vale valley

vanish (v) disappear

vehicle carriage, cart, means

vein style, mood

view sight, scene, and plan

vocation profession

vow pledge, solemn promise

wait (v) stay

watch lookout, attention

way path, track

withdraw (v) remove

wonky twisted, not straight

worship (v) adore

yak wild ox

yarn spun thred, story, and tale

yell shrill cry

yelp dog’s cry of pain


[1] Match the words in coloumn ‘A’ with their meaning in column ‘B’


(i) façade twisted

(ii) queer travel

(iii) wonky appearance

(iv) journey misfortune

(v) adversity strange

[2] Give synonyms of:

1. cavern 2. demolish 3.vein 4. vocation5. refreshment

[3] Complete the following table by filling the proper synonyms:

1. happiness ……….

2. …………. wages

3. burden …………

4 ………….. mail

5. watch …………



[I] (1) façade: appearance (2) queer: strange (3) wonky: twisted (4) journey: travel (5) adversity: misfortune.

[II] (1) large cave (2) destroy (3) style (4) peofession (5) food

[III] (1) pleasure (2) payment (3) load (4) post (5) attention

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